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We allow returns, but you must notify us within 7days of delivery of your intention to return the product. You will need to organize the return shipping to an address nominated by us. 


Product condition for full refund

We will only offer full refund or exchange if the product is in the following condition

* Vacuum seal must be unbroken 

For example. You are unsure about the sizing. The best scenario for both us and you is for you to carefully remove the product from the box (and carefully open the box to keep it for re-use), take off the outer plastic wrapping and then unroll the vacuum sealed bed. Do not break the vacuum seal. This keeps the bed clean and ready for re-shipping. You can then observe the size of the bed and how it will fit your dog. You can watch our unboxing video which shows a dog jumping onto the bed whilst it is still vacuum sealed (screenshot included below).

If the bed is in the condition as described, and within 7 days you change your mind please contact us. We will then arrange a pre-paid delivery label for you and we will cover the shipping cost. 


Product condition not as described above

Please contact us if you wish to refund or exchange within 7 days and you have opened the vacuum seal. Please stipulate the condition of the bed and reason for requesting refund. We will then assess these on a case by case basis based on how we can re-purpose the bed. We reserve the right to take no refund or exchange action under this scenario (but we will do what we can)


Further Comment

We have learned the hard way ourselves both as customers and retailers that refunds are difficult. We believe what we have described above is a "best of both worlds" which keeps us both protected. 

As a customer, we want to know if we make a mistake ordering that we arent left with a product we cannot use. 

As a retailer, we don't want to go backwards by paying for return shipping and then receive a used product that is of no use to us as a business. 

Keep in mind, other places may state free returns but the fine print removes their responsibility. 

Above all, we stand by our product.