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The Best Dog Bed!

Our huge German Shepherd with hip dysplasia has absolutely fallen in love with her Dazy Dog bed. She has never had a bed big enough for her and she loves snuggling up on this massive, extremely comfortable bed. The edging is the perfect pillow and she has never slept better!


we are absolutely in LOVE with our new luxury memory foam bed - it's a huge upgrade from the one we had before! if our humans can sleep comfortably on their memory foam mattress, why can't we ?! so here we are, with our new bed and we could not be happier! trust us, if you're thinking about getting this bed, just buy it! YOU WONT REGRET IT! check out our instagram @kikokumagram to save! :)

Strong and firm.

She hasn't slept in it yet but she likes to roll around in it. I know she likes it.


Best dog bed ever! My dogs are obsessed. It is even puppy proof! It’s so easy to take off the cover and the water proof liner and throw it in the wash! I wish I had one in every room! Love it! ❤️ - @dobie_odin

5 star

Thank goodness we have a replacement cover for our dazydogofficial bed — we’ll be cleaning up muddy paw prints all day today!

Must have dog bed !

Great product. Packages nicely. Well made and has held up great with 3 bulldogs. Best of all they love it!!!


Over the years, we have gone through a countless number of beds that have just literally fallen apart. I am beyond impressed with this bed! It has all the features you want as a dog owner & it’s such an amazing quality. Dino & Aspen are both obsessed with it!

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Samantha Rodriguez

We are thrilled with our large dog bed we got from dazy dog! We have 2 older Golden’s who have arthritis and this bed keeps them so comfortable when they need some time to relax. Do they make it in a king size bed for us parents too?! Haha! We highly recommend these beds to everyone and love that they have the option for a replacement cover as well. Keeping it clean has never been easier! All 3 pups sleep on it together sometimes, it’s big enough for lots of cuddles! Thanks Dazy Dog! @thelionsandtheirtamer on IG :-)

Best Quality Dog Bed Ever

We have been dog parents for nearly 20 years and we’ve bought many different kind of dog beds throughout the years. Hands-down this is the very best dog bed we have ever owned! If you are looking for a new dog bed look no further you will be happy and your babies well thank you for it!

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Dr. Julia Roach
Our dogs love this bed so much, I have two!

When your dogs choose a dog bed over the couch, you know they LOVE it! And I love it too, and that’s why I had to buy another. I love the orthopedic support they offer and that you can purchase extra covers (I have an extra one for each bed), so you always have a clean one on hand. ❤️

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Choosing Our Dazy Dog Bed Over the Couch!

My dogs enjoy lounging on this all day! My dogs, who typically are always laying on the couch, now choose to lay in this bed! It has a removable washable cover and a water resistant liner on the inside in case accidents happen. The memory foam provides a lot of support, which is perfect for giant dog breeds! We love our bed!

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Kingsley and Charlamagne
4 Paws Up

We’ve tried so many dog beds and my pups either don’t like them or use them as a chew toy. Dazy Dog bed is truly the first bed I can actually find them napping in and having their best dreams! Love to look over and see my pup laying with their head on the comfy headrest that goes all the way around. Both my large breed dogs can get a great snuggle in there and I’m so happy to see it!

The Perfect Bed

This bed is absolutely worth every penny. The quality is amazing, it is well made and very sturdy. The size is also perfect, Levi can sprawl out and roll over and still be on the bed. The pillowed edges are a nice touch as well.

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Victoria Obrien
A bed for for a King

The Dazy Dog large size bed is the best I have found on the market for my large breed dog. My samoyed joins me on some really big hikes and knowing that he spends a good part of his day on this orthopedic bed gives me piece of mind. I know it is a great support for his joints so we can keep up on our future adventures. Having a removing outside cover for easy cleaning is definitely one of our favorite features! Thank you Dazy Dog for making a bed fit for a king!

Fit for Royalty

Lorde Dyson loves his bed. He enjoys rolling around and playing in it. There is plenty of room for him to stretch out while he sleeps the day away in luxury. This by far is the best bed he has ever had! It can be a ruff life being a bulldog!

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Apollo the Auss
Best Orthopedic Bed EVER

I can't say enough good things about our new Dazy Dog bed!! When we first opened it up, Apollo came right over and sat down on it and didn't want to leave! I'm super impressed with the memory foam quality - compared to all our other beds, this one is by far the most supportive. I've also washed the cover once already, and it came out good as new and dried really quick! Apollo even uses the bolsters on the side to rest his head, and the cats have been sleeping on it as well. It's the highest quality bed we own now and has quickly become a favorite among all the pets - they can't get enough of it!

Bruno is in love with his new bed

Bruno really loves his new bed. He plays there all the time. He replaced the couch for his bed. We were surprised and really happy to see him relax all the time. I highly recommend this bed. It’s really worth it.

Luxury Memory Foam Dog Bed
Clyde The Bully

Clyde loves his new bed.

Perfect, comfortable bed for my doodle!

The medium sized bed was perfect for my sheepdog/poodle mix (65 pounds), Bert. It's so plush and comfortable and I love that the cover is removable for washing. The best dog bed Bert's ever had.

My dogs have never slept so good!!

By far the best dog bed we have come across!! The orthopedic bottom on the bed is by far the best I’ve ever had my dogs test out!! I highly recommend, 5 starts isn’t enough for how many this bed deserves!!

Best dog bed in the world!

My dog has never used any of the dog beds I’ve bought her always just laid on the floor next to them but this bed she won’t get off of! I’m very thankful for this bed because my girl has a lot of joint issues and is often stuck on bed rest and this bed has made it a lot easier on her and has made her comfortable during these recoveries!!

Super comfy

My dog Gizmo LOVES his bed. It's super comfy that my 8 year old likes to sit on it lol. Super easy to clean. I ordered a M and it's a perfect fit. Came with a very cute box too, I highly recommend this bed!!!

Large bed

Great material, comfy and the dogs love it!!!

The Best Gift.

I recently purchased a Dazy Dog bed for our dog, Greg. We are so happy with the quality we have decided to buy them as gifts for our friends with dogs.

The best idea!

We bought a Dazy Dog bed a few months ago and it has been great. We recently bought a replacement cover so when we can put a clean cover on and wash the old one later. It is the best idea having two covers. We are going to buy the set for our 3 kids too.